Randy Couture

UFC Fighter + Army Veteran

A long-time friend and sparring partner of Jay Glazer, Randy Couture is an actor, UFC Champion, former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler, and served in the U.S. Army 101st Airborne from 1982-1988.

After completing his military service, Randy decided to begin working as an assistant wrestling and strength conditioning coach at Oregon State University. By December of 1997, at the age of 33, Randy made his debut into the world of professional fighting, claiming victory in the Heavyweight division of his first appearance in the UFC. Soon after, Randy scored a Technical Knock Out victory against Brazilian "Phenom," Vitor Belfrod and became known as Randy "The Natural" Couture. With over 25 years of training in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, Randy's preferred method of offense in mixed martial arts competition was what is commonly referred to as "Ground and Pound." Although this method was Randy's token move, he also demonstrated a variety of skills in both boxing as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Randy eventually moved down a weight class to the Light-Heavyweight division, where he would spend the remainder of his UFC career spanking out one victory after another, sometimes literally. Randy is to this day the only UFC competitor to hold titles in the both the Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight divisions, and he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in June of 2006.

Randy also dedicates time to running his own chain of gyms, Xtreme Couture MMA; a thriving clothing line, Xtreme Couturue MMA Clothing; a supplement company, Xtreme Couture Pharmaceuticals (XCAP); in the past commentated for the UFC and on Fox, and runs a non-profit, the Xtreme Couture MMA Foundation, dedicated to honoring the veterans of America's armed forces; and created MMAthletics with Jay Glazer, a company focused on training professional athletes from the various sports in the ways of mixed martial arts and teaching them how that training can be applied to their respective sport's discipline.