Mike Morini Pic.png

Mike Morini

Chief Executive Officer
WorkForce Software

As the Chief Executive Officer, Mike Morini’s leadership style is focused around what he calls the 3C’s: culture, customers and community. Mike is a 30-year software veteran experienced in growing and scaling enterprise software companies. 

With an extensive background building out global cloud-based platforms, he has helped shape and guide multiple fast-growth companies in the cloud arena.  As CEO of WorkForce Software, he has increased their global footprint to 1,100 in 15 months and continues to drive ROI through strategic global alliances on the path to 1 billon.  Before joining WorkForce Software, Mike held previous CEO, President and COO positions at SAP, Aria Systems, OutlookSoft, InterWorld, and Verbind.

Board Member at Indiggo, PINATA, and Catalyst Investors.

Mike earned a bachelor’s degree at Colgate University.