Join Only a Vet Would Understand and Merging Vets and Players for the annual walk from Santa Monica Pier to the Los Angeles National Cemetery.

This is a short walk, 4.9 miles (1 hr 47 min according to google). We will be stepping off at exactly 8am, please show up around 7-7:30am. We will be taking the streets so please be mindful of the vehicles. We will all be walking into the cemetery together, upon arrival, we plan to stay for the ceremony which begins at 10am. Afterwards, the day is yours, whether it's staying longer, Uber'ing back to the pier, grabbing lunch, etc. (Several of us will be walking back to the pier, anyone is more than welcomed to join us for the walk back) 

Parking, food/snacks, etc for the walk will be on your own accord. Plenty of water is encouraged as it may be very hot. 

We have a purpose for what this day means to many of us. We have maybe lost a brother, a sister to the good fight. Let's not isolate this day, get out of the house and be surrounded by like-minded individuals. 


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