Come hangout with Merging Vets and Players on July 1st for an Independence Day themed Beach Day. That means wear all the American theme items you have buried in those drawers!!!!

We will all be meeting up to relax, enjoy some sun, cook some hot dogs and just hangout, we'll have volleyball, corn hole, and flag football for sure. If anyone wants to bring their games, please do.

We going to have some fun with this, MVP will provide hot dogs to cook over the fire. Don't worry we'll bring the skewers, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and plenty of water. Anything else you would like please bring as well. 

We will be keeping the fire going all day so below is a list of items we encourage to be brought by those attending. 

*A friend
*Bundle of firewood
*Ice chests
*Beach Toys
*Side dishes