MVP's mission is to match up former Combat Vets and former professional athletes together -- after the uniform comes off -- to give them a new team to tackle the transition together. MVP shows them they are NOT alone.

WHO: Merging Vets and Players

WHAT: We are going to meet at Dockweiler State Beach at 10 am and have a beach day. Once the Sunset comes around we will start the Bonfire. Bring some things to play with in the sun & beach. We will have a few games along with couple canopies set up. 

WHERE: Dockweiler State Beach

WHEN: February 24th 10am-10pm

WHY:Hey everyone, it's about that time that we all come together and have an amazing day of stress free fun. Let's end the month of February off right.

If you would like to bring some food, go for it.