It's the end of the Summer. You know what that means. Come out and have a beach day with Only a Vet Would Understand and Merging Vets and Players. We will need your help with this event!!! We will need everyones support and help! 
We would love your help with bringing ice chests, beach activities, canopy's and of course wood!!!! 
This is an event for everyone!!! Let's enjoy a beautiful beach day!!!

If you need a ride or would like to help with anything towards this event please let us know. Clear your schedules!!! Like always this will be an event you wont want to miss.

You will need to pay for parking, it is around $10 for all day.

This will be in Huntington Beach at the Bonfire pits. We do not know which one it will be at, but once we do we will post it. It is first come first come