Warriors are a special breed. They give of their body and spirit to causes greater than their own. They understand what it takes to achieve greatness. They represent excellence in all of its forms. They possess rare skills and abilities that are seldom seen in our society. They understand the meaning of words like selfless, service, teamwork, commitment, dedication, integrity, honor, performance and mission-focus. Warriors know that it is not what you say that matters - it is what you do. In short, Warriors are different - in the best ways possible. 

Since 2001, our nation has been at war. During this period of time - the longest such stretch in our nation's history - 2.7 million Warriors were forged. Many of these men and women are struggling to come all the way home - and be as productive here as they were on the battlefield.

Jay Glazer, in partnership with Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness, created MVP in 2015 to address this important challenge.

When Jay learned about the pioneering work taking place at Boulder Crest Retreat earlier this year, he quickly recognized that the challenges facing our nation's combat veterans were not unique to Warriors of the battlefield. Jay has spent years working with Warriors from the ring and the gridiron, and many of these men and women have also struggled to apply their skills beyond their field of battle. 

We are so much alike between what football players do and service members do. We have the same difficulties and the same problems. We walk in similar paths.
— Scott Murphy, Combat Veteran + MVP

MVP was created to leverage Jay's unique role at the crossroads of all of these Warriors - and to ensure that all of our nation's warriors can be as productive off their respective battlefields as they were on them. By merging veterans with players, these Warriors can benefit from each other's strength, experience and abilities to unlock their full potential - and lead their families, communities and country towards a better future. Merging veterans and players also ensures these men and women know that the challenges they are facing are far more about who they are - Warriors - than what they did. In truth, that is a title that no one can ever take from you. 

Both war fighters and football players need something to fight for once the uniform comes off, and your service to country or time on the field is over. Without real purpose for the man on your right and left, it can be easy to feel lost...
— Nate Boyer, Combat Veteran, NFL Veteran + MVP Team Member

MVP is built on our team's years of experience coaching, mentoring and leading men and women to their highest level of performance - in every sphere of life. MVP's work takes place at the Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles, CA and at Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness in Bluemont, VA. 

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to have your life and livelihood wrapped up in a singular endeavor. The training, mindset, focus and challenges become part of who you are as a person. Your very existence is on that field and it doesn’t matter if it is a battlefield or a football field . The rules of engagement may be different but it is still the passion of your being. Whether you are an athlete or a soldier (and I’ve been both), there’s no difference! We share a warriors spirit, an innate understanding of the commitment and a life spent in pursuit of excellence. We also know what it feels like to walk away from that life for one reason or another. It is the recognition of this shared understanding and the belief that these two groups of warriors can help each other cope with the challenges that face an altered existence. Through MVP we will help each other find a happy life after fighting for what we love!
— Randy Couture, Army Veteran, UFC Hall of Famer, and MVP Team Member

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