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I am currently a professional MMA fighter training at Unbreakable as a athlete and coach. I have been fighting professionally for about 10 years, having fought in the UFC, Bellator and “The Ultimate Fighter”. Recently, I had the pleasure of being a trainer for the weekly MVP training session on group talk. I have always wanted to get involved in an organization with veterans as my Dad is a Marine who served two tours in Vietnam. He has definitely raised me with the Marine mindset and created the fighter I am today. 

Training the MVP Vets was a true honor and pleasure for me, as I have the most respect for all of them. Sitting in on the group talks after the work out really helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Not only helping to understand my dad better, but to understand myself better. I have not been in the same war’s they have but I have fought my own battles in my life suffering from traits my dad passed down from his severe PTSD.